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Mother’s Day – An Islamorada Fishing Tradition

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Mother’s Day is a little bittersweet in the Wilson household. Having lost both of our moms, my wife and I try to make it as special a day as possible. We both like to honor and remember our moms for all they did for us. And of course my daughter and I like to make sure my wife feels celebrated too. The thing is, there is really only one way my wife likes to be celebrated and that is with a fishing trip.

Our moms both loved flowers so over the years we’ve found great comfort in floating fresh cut flowers from our garden at one of our favorite fishing spots in their honor. Normally we take the flowers with us on a full-day Islamorada backcountry fishing trip but this year the weather forecast was not in our favor. Despite the 100% chance of rain, we managed to still get out in the late afternoon and carry on our Mother’s Day tribute and fishing tradition. After sharing our love for our moms and releasing the flowers, it was time to fish! Per usual, our moms rarely disappoint in showing their love right back!

As you can see in the video below, this year was no exception. The tarpon were all in on the celebration in a BIG way. In just two hours my wife and daughter fought five huge tarpon, all in the 100-130 lb range.

To all the moms out there, I hope your celebration was as special as ours. Happy Mother’s Day!

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