Rattlesnake Swimming in the Florida Keys — As Seen on TV and FB

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While out on an Islamorada backcountry fishing charter, we ran across an approximately five-foot Eastern Diamondback Rattlesnake swimming in the Florida Keys. I suppose he was doing a little island hopping out in the middle of Florida Bay. He was quite glad to see us and appeared to want to slither on board my skiff. Not something we were interestedMore >>

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Rare sawfish encounter on Islamorada Fishing Charter

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On a recent Islamorada fishing charter, anglers experience a rare hook up with not one, not two but three sawfish in the water off the Upper Florida Keys. The fishing event was so rare that it was featured on South Florida’s Channel 1o. Click on the image below to see for yourself how the BIG catch happened.   To learn moreMore >>

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Catch, Click and Release – Safe handling tips for tarpon fishing photo ops

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I recently received a great question from a new angler of mine regarding why Islamorada fishing guides are usually the one holding the tarpon in the photos. I thought it was such a great question that I decided to share my answer in case other people were curious too. My answer involves several reasons why Islamorada fishing guides take holdMore >>

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Fish out of water — My best tarpon fishing tale yet

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On the heels of some very intense March wind, I ran one of my Islamorada fishing charters 40 miles from Islamorada to the far northwest corner of Everglades National Park in search of tarpon. After the long trek across Florida Bay, my anglers (Joe Marley and his oldest son Paul) and I were very pleased to spot a few tarponMore >>

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